2007 Mai
Homeopathy, exploring the bounderies
Mots-clés: dialogue, ideas, knowledge, clinical experience, controversial practice, dialog, invitation, materia medica, Rajan Sankaran, Jeremey Sherr, Misha Norland, Nancy Herrick, methodology, reproducibility, proving, dream, Jan Scholten, Praful Vijayakar, suppression, acutes, kingdom, Peter Chappell, rubric, sequential, controversial, philosophical, scope, benefit, limitation
Paeonia in nightmares and abdominal complaints
Mots-clés: paeonia officinalis, nightmares, hura braziliensis, abdominal complaints paeonia officinalis
Paeonia in fistula ani etc
Paeonia in fistula ani etc, de Marguerite Pelt MD
Mots-clés: paeonia, fistula ani
Paeonia in a case of periarteritis nodosa
Mots-clés: periarteritis nodosa, paeonia, change, knives, stabbing, aggravation by touch
Paeonia officinalis picture/ Materia Medica
Mots-clés: paeonia officinalis, arteritis, hemorrhoid, vein, unexpected change,
Tilia Europaea in HNP
Tilia Europaea in HNP, de Anne Wirtz
Mots-clés: guaiac, Tilia Europea, binder, be connected, fear of separation
Elaps in HNP
Elaps in HNP, de Dr. Manish Panchal
Mots-clés: lumbar backache, self awareness, sense of suffocation, emotional, light, breeze, nostalgia, sentimentality, showing-off, snake, elaps, plussing method
Editorial May '07
Editorial May '07, de Louis Klein
Mots-clés: editorial, classification, dialogue, participate