2008 Décembre
Lanthanum phosphoricum - short case
Mots-clés: Lanthanum phosphoricum, power game
Molybdenum metallicum and Bromum_A case of
Mots-clés: Molydenum metallicum, Bromum, ADHD, headaches when active, extremely agitated, fidgety, repudiated, unwanted child
Diospyros kaki: Surviving Radiation
Mots-clés: survival, war, danger, rape, fire, dilapidated houses, death, misshapen people, radioactivity, radiation, radiotherapy, communication masts, toxic substances, chemotherapy, trauma
Technetium metallicum_A case of
Mots-clés: Technetium metallicum, loss of voice, acid reflux, granuloma, Asthma Cort, Rubidium, sciatica
Musca domestica_A case of
Musca domestica_A case of, de Matilde Flores
Mots-clés: Musca domestica, Drosera, ADD, Adderall, persistence, insistence,
Editorial December 2008
Editorial December 2008, de Jan Scholten
Mots-clés: editorial, short case