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6th Chakra potency

de Margriet Plouvier Suijs MD
Sixth Chakra
K potency 50MK. LM potency LM 30

The Sanskrit name of this chakra is Ajna translated into ‘to perceive’. The chakra of the forehead is related to insight. This chakra is connected to the second chakra and the awareness of everything we perceive from our relatives. Related in this case aren’t the violent emotions, but the feelings of well-being, morose and the appreciation for someone else. It is about knowing your own temper, knowing the logic of the feeling, understanding the Delusion and recognizing our own shadow. This awareness arises by means of the surroundings: I perceive that I am irritated because it seems to be everything is against me, all the furniture is my way or I can’t find a thing. Relatives as well help me to perceive: they do just like me or they irritate me and I have to be aware about my own projection.

Surroundings factors:

We and I.
Everything in the surrounding considered as the own mirror.
Relatives that react, showing reflection or projection.

Physical factors:

Psychosomatic complaints;
Disorder of temper like: irritation, morose, bored, puzzled.
Life period: adolescence.

Patient is a baby, a boy of 10 weeks old. His mother asks for help because he cries violently. He is out of temper in the morning from 7 to 11 and during the afternoon from 3 till 11 in the evening. While crying he makes fists and his mothers idea is: “he is angry, or even in a rage!” This is going on since he was 6 weeks old. Before he cried a lot, but not at all in this violent way, and at that time it was related to defecation. With emphasis she says: “this crying is not related to pain!”
The pregnancy was a difficult time. Already at the beginning his mother appeared to have a stone in the left kidney and she had some attacks of colic-pain. The doctors in hospital did all they could to supervise her process and again and again there where complications. The right kidney was swollen, and she needed a drain in the ureter up from the sixth month of her pregnancy. The drain appeared to be obstructed, so she had to be taken in the hospital. To find some rest, the family took a week off, but unfortunately their son fell down and had a broken arm, and she herself was not allowed to go for holidays because it was to risky: she had high blood pressure.
The delivery was started by medicine. Her first delivery was a disaster and to prevent her having the same experience with the pain, she got an epidural. It went all perfectly. At the moment she gave birth to her son the aesthetic was stopped, but she felt good. The first familiarization with the baby was fine and the first 6 weeks after his birth were also fine.
6 weeks after the delivery the mother had an appointment in the hospital to crush her stone in the left kidney. After that treatment everything would be normal like in former days, she thought. Everyone around her had done the best they could to give help during the pregnancy with all those complications: she herself, her husband and her mother. The evening before the treatment the father of the baby had a party. The next day was he not able to drive the car to bring his wife to the hospital, she was furious. The grandmother of the baby promised to stay home as babysitter, but in this case they had to ask the neighbours to look after the children and the mother and the grandmother of the baby went to hospital.
The treatment failed and it was a bad experience. During the days following the procedure the relationship between the parents was disturbed by the anger of the mother and the guilt of the father. At that time the baby started crying and now the mother reports: “He is angry!”

At that time I didn’t have the higher potencies and I gave the baby Colocynthis 200K and MK. It went well for a couple of days, but afterward the crying started again. He got a dose of Colocyntis 10MK and later 50MK. After the last dose the baby shows the behaviour before the dramatic episode: he is sweating a lot, he is crying again when he defecates, and he shows to be frustrated because he wants to do things he is not yet capable of. Mercurius is a complementary remedy to Colocynthis and I give it in 30K, later 200K potency. From that time on, he develops nicely and the whole family is at peace.

The reason to choose the high potencies 10MK and 50MK is the anger of all the relatives around the baby; his mother expressed her anger immediately, but the grandmother suppressed her anger and the father too. He feels guilty, but he is not able to express it correctly. (Ailments from reproaches and ailments from being scorned ).

Margriet Plouvier Suijs MD
Bart Timmersstraat 5
5401 BX Uden, the Netherlands
Email: M.Plouvier@hetnet.nl

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