2009 Décembre

Cerium carbonicum in a PDD-nos case

de Jan Scholten
A girl of 15 years is diagnosed with PDD-NOS. It started when she went to high school. Everything was bad, she had problems with her teacher. She is anxious and depressed. She is treated with antidepressants; Effexor and Risperdal, but they give her headaches, especially after exertion and sports. Treatment with cognitive behavior therapy made things worse. She has obsession of having to tick things.
She is very sweet, creative, sporting, but very timid. During the consultation she is very introverted, looks downward and can hardly say anything, her mother has to do the talking. She also is a perfectionist and gets angry when she cannot succeed in something. She starts to weep when she doesn't know an answer. When she makes a drawing it has to be perfect the first time. She thinks that she cannot do anything, but everyone tells her that she can do it very well. Her results are very good, but she studies at a special school for socially handicapped children. She likes drawing and painting and watching television. She likes rock music, Tokyo Hotel and has an aversion to animals. The worst thing for her is that she cannot express herself.

As a child she couldn't sleep at someone else's home andhad a fear to be left alone. She is startled very easily. She was always very sensitive and needed a lot of protection from her parents and her younger sister who had to come with her when she had to go somewhere. She always has been very perfectionistic. She started to walk only when she could to it completely well, saying "now I can walk".
She has very good contact with her father, he is her big friend. A younger sister has Down syndrome. She has good contact with her mother and sisters.
Her IQ is 102, but verbally it is 91.
Pregnancy was good, her mother has too much acid and pain in her stomach. Labor was good. Breast feeding was short as her mother had scanty milk.

Weather: -> sun.
Desire: pizza, sweets, cheese, fruit.
Aversion: potatoes, meat, warm vegetables.
Menses: no problems, regular.
Sleep: difficulty with falling asleep.

The main problem is that she cannot express herself. It is as if she is locked up inside herself, as if she live in a cocoon. This is typical for cerium. She started to walk only when she could do it completely well, saying "now I can walk". Again a keynote for Cerium, not learning by trial and error, but learning internally and only after having learned it internally doing things.
We see confirmations for the Lanthanides in her obsessive behavior.
Her idea that she cannot do things well indicates one of the Stages on the left side of the Periodic Table, Stage 2 till 9. Her anxious behavior and timidity are aspects of Stage 2 till 5. Her being closed in, almost fixed in fear is typical for Stage 4.
The need for protection, especially her parents, indicate a salt of the Carbon series. Her good contact with her father indicate that it must be Carbon, leading to the prescription of Cerium carbonicum.

One month after Cerium carbonicum she feels much better. She is much more cheerful and open. At school things go better. A teacher has said: "what has happened to her". She is more relaxed has less anxiety and tension, but for examinations she is still anxious. Her obsessive behavior is still the same, as is her difficulty in finding words. She sleeps better and sleeps in her own bed.

3 months and 3 repetitions later she is doing much better, is more open and cheerful. Her headaches are as good as gone. She makes more contact at school, although she still prefers a one to one contact over group contact. Her results at school are very high.
A year later she has her last consultation, doing fine.
A telephonic inquiry again a year later reveals that all has gone well.

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