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Chromicum Acidum

de Patricia Leroux
Chromic Acid
CHROMIC ACID is a disinfectant, like all acids, but it also helps in various day to day afflictions like sore throats and warts.

Materia Medica (Murphy):
Pharmacy; Chr-ac. Chromicum acidum. CHROMIC ACID.
Anhydrous solution or chromic oxide.

Traditional Medicine: CHROMIC ACID is a powerful antiseptic used for disinfecting purposes to arrest fetid discharge and correct putrid smells. "Foul smelling, bloody lochia" is an indication.
Medical Indications: CHROMIC ACID causes in strong solution inflammation and destruction of epithelium and mucous membranes, a false membrane, gangrene. On the skin it has been used to destroy warts. Cutting pains in eyes. Cough, hard, sometimes deep, swallows sputa.
Vomits breakfast.
Diphtheria, post-nasal tumours and epithelioma of the tongue have been benefited by this remedy. Bloody, foul, smelling lochia. Symptoms come and go suddenly and return periodically offensive discharge. Modalities: Aggravated by the least breath of fresh air, and by cold water. It is worse at night and early in the morning between 2 and 6 o'clock. Pains worse on the left side.

Physical Symptoms:
Main Clinical Signs;
Angina pectoris. Brain inflammation. Cough. Diarrhoea. Eyes, disorders. Gangrene. Gout.
Haemorrhoids. Lumbago. Lupus. Rheumatism. Stiff, neck.
Syphilis. Throat, sore. Toothache. Trismus. Tuberculosis, laryngeal. Ulcers. Warts.
Limbs: Uneasiness in limbs. Pain in shoulder-blades and back of neck. Pain in knees and balls of feet. Drawing pains in soles while walking.
Nose: Ulcers and scabs in nose. Offensive smell. Corrosive pain. Ozaena (Aur).
Rectum: Stools like water, frequent, copious with nausea and vertigo. Weakness in small of back.
Throat: Diphtheria, sore throat. Thick mucous with inclination to swallow it, causing hawking. Post-nasal tumours.

To Note:
The suddenness of many of the symptoms is very marked. Symptoms appear and disappear suddenly and return periodically. Disagreeable pricking and itching here and there with uneasiness in limbs. On turning to right side, pain in left side goes off. Pains suddenly shifting to various parts of trunk, on waking. Sensation of a vacuum at heart of emptiness in chest. The rheumatic symptoms are well-marked and Clarke has frequently obtained good results in rheumatic cases with both preparations.

Antidotes: DAPHNE has cured the rheumatic pains. MERCURIUS CYANATUS, in small doses has counteracted the general effects in workmen. The restlessness and relief from motion suggest RHUS TOXICODENDRON.

Comments on this Acid:
1. Pains that come and go
It was this characteristic that led me to my acid prescription. Usually a sore throat's pain is constant. It is also interesting to note the wide variety of symptoms this acid treats: it is equally effective at treating syphilis as tuberculoses, for example.
2. The sudden onset of symptoms.
Léa's symptoms came on her very suddenly one evening, after a normal day at school. My examination of her throat would have concluded, under normal circumstances, that the infection had already been established for a few days. Her throat membranes already looked evolved and white.
3. Wide Variety of Symptoms.
This acid is little known and so far it has no Mind Symptoms.
It can cure angina and cancer as well as syphilis and tuberculosis. Chrome is a metal that is resistant and glittering, which are associated with the acid's characteristics. It should definitely undergo further proving to identify mental signs and to discover its full usefulness.
4. A Dream: of being a horse in a freezing river.
Though this is something to note and the closest thing we have to a Mind Symptom, it is not very useful.

In Conclusion:
CHROMIC ACID is a "small" acid with no significant proving. But this is no reason to ignore it. It is an effective remedy against sore throats, where the white membranes have appeared quickly, and when MERCURIUS CYANATUS has failed. For this alone, it is worthwhile.

MURPHY R., Homeopathic Medical Repertory, Hahnemann Academy, Colorado 1993

Patricia Leroux

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