2006 Avril

Editorial April 2006

de Jan Scholten
We present now the April 2006 edition of Interhomeopathy. We hope you will like the journal as we do. Unfortunately the journal has been a bit erratic in time and style. The journal has to come on track. It is also done for free by many people co-operating. So we can use your help as a homeopath, for instance by sending in articles.
It is also possible that some of your e-mails have not been receive by us due to a computer bug. In that case we request that you send in your article or e-mail again.

In this edition we have two articles on the remedy Berlin wall. This raises the discussion what to think of such a remedy. Chemically the Berlin wall is very probably not much different from any other concrete wall, but the picture shows something different. Berlin wall has many symptoms that fit the psychological aspects of that wall, a split between two worlds. The wall in Berlin seems to have been immersed with the psychological emotions and thoughts of humankind.

This goes too far for many homeopaths, for instance George Vithoulkas, but there are many remedies where the influence or history is just as or even more important than the chemical substance. X-ray, water radiated with Roentgen radiation, gives a remedy that works well in cases of radiation. Ignis, fire, is made from alcohol that has been set on fire. Ventum, wind, is made from alcohol that has been in the wind. Hahnemann already introduced such remedies, like Magnetis polis arcticus and Magnetis polis australis, water influenced by magnets. Other examples are Sol, the sun, and Luna, water radiated by the light of the moon. Hepar sulphuris is a remedy where the history of preparation by fire is seen in the picture with symptoms of pyromania.

This aspect of our remedies provokes resistance, even in homeopaths themselves. It is a direct violation of the reigning paradigm of materialism. This paradigm denies the existence of anything except matter. It produces the basis of rejection of homeopathy by saying of our remedies "there is nothing in it", but what they mean to say is that there is "no-thing in it". Homeopathic remedies have no substance, they are just information and that makes it very understandable that the history of or influences on a substance are just as important for a remedy than its chemistry.

We can imagine a continuum going from matter to information, philosophically seen. The philosophy of many people is somewhere on that continuum. At one side we see the most extreme materialists. At the other extreme one can find the floating people. I see the most advantageous is to be able to use all aspects of the continuum, incorporating matter and spirit.

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