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Editorial April 2007

de Anne Wirtz
Editorial April 2007

Life is an evolutionary process, if we are aware or not.
The changes can be very subtle, but sooner or later they will confront us. Depending on our possible understanding we can make a jump into the insight of natural laws, which we need in our search for the similimum in the cases of our patients. As ‘many roads lead to Rome’ there are variable ways to follow, to find the right remedy, which can lead to confusion for students and starting colleagues.

Research into the methods of case analysis and matching the remedies is essential. It makes homeopathy logically transmittable and a homeopath can choose out of the several methods, those that fit his personal qualities and affinities. Besides I think that the development as a human being is essential in our profession, to be able to empathize, observe and understand the patient so that the chosen remedy can heal from the deepest possible level (at that time).

Structural thinking is essential to be able to transfer knowledge, but we should not make the mistake to exchange the essence for the structure, which seems often to be the case in a dogmatic way of thinking. Like all living structures the growing of homeopathy as a science is natural and essential and some of the old structures/’laws’ will be replaced by new ones, like a child grows out of its clothes and a snake out off its skin.
I think we do live in a time that the confusion about growth/evolution in homeopathy is unmistakable, which we can witness reading the sometimes hostile published articles from colleagues and ‘attacks’ from general Media, just like in Hahnemann's time.
The challenge is still the same, namely;
The PROOF that through homeopathy our patients can feel better and can grow out of their physical and emotional complaints, although until now the effect of our potentized remedies is not recognized by most of the allopathic world.
In the end it is the results of our work and the well-being of our patients, which gives us the energy and the conviction to GROW ON.

In the last article you can read the thoughts of Constantine Hering (1800-1880 ) and the methods of studying the Materia Medica.
His outspoken need for a scientific arrangement of the Materia Medica, to have a basic-structure to study the remedies.... and his hope and trust that the time is not far from understanding remedies through classification.

Some practical matters:
We have had several requests from german speaking people for a german version of Interhomeopathy. We are interested to know if that is a general wish of many readers.
For a German version we need translators from English into German and vice versa. Who is interested in translating once in a while for Interhomeopathy?
We are also looking for translators of Dutch articles into English. Everybody who works for this journal does it for free, so....thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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Anne Wirtz - Amsterdam NL
park@annewirtz.demon.nl / ih_coord@mac.com

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