2007 Juillet

Editorial July 2007

de Sally Williams
After crossing into a new millennium, our collective journey seems to be emphasizing how intertwined we all are. We are ailing on a global level, and the true healing process for our societies begins within each of us. Health is a constructive process, and the ability to build physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being is based on creating balance and harmony. Disease is a de-constructive process that results when we diverge, consciously or unconsciously, from balance and harmony.
When we ignore the vital force, the energy that animates us, and only treat based on the concept of eliminating symptoms, we reduce ourselves to machines with mechanisms to repair. Trying to resolve symptoms without recognizing their connection to the expression of the vital force is ultimately suppression. Suppression is de-constructive.
The downward spiral then begins; suppression, dis-ease, suppression, and further dis-ease. This will inherently create suffering, physically, mentally and emotionally. We become angry, vengeful, and full of fear. This undeniably ripples outward to those around us, and eventually throughout the world in which we live.
We witness evidence of this with the continued terrorist attacks, the war in Iraq and the natural disasters of the Tsunami and hurricane Katrina. These events are a devastating expression of our diseased state on a global scale.
We need to stubbornly practice a constructive approach to health. Global health begins with each one of us. As each one of us begins to heal, balance and harmony will inevitably ripple outward around the world.

Sally Williams
Buffalo USA

Because of holiday-time I choose not to publish too many articles in this edition, so that you can take enough time to play and rest…. or whatever you like…
In the next edition two cases of CVA management will be published as a follow-up to the intro on CVA this month.
Lately I met a colleague who did not quite understand that the meaning and intention of Interhomeopathy is a platform to share cases and ideas for all our colleagues and not only for the very experienced, which was the assumption.
So… please take your pen or keyboard …. and share your enthusiasm and your article(s).
Enjoy this July edition.

Anne Wirtz
Amsterdam NL

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