2007 Février

Iridium metals in pediatry

de Patricia Leroux
Bastien has had a pain in his right testicle for 4 days.

He is 10 years old and has been my patient since he was small. He is a nice boy with a strong character.

His father is a talented chef in a well-known local restaurant overlooking the small port near my surgery and has to deal with worrying problems. He has worked hard to build up his international reputation, but his restaurant faces being closed down as the City Council want to pull it down and replace it with a seaside promenade. For 6 months now Bastien’s father has been battling with the Council as he steadfastly refuses to let them put an end to his business.

Obviously the strain shows in the home and Bastien is suffering. He also wants to be a chef and follow his father, but the insecurity is worrying him.

I gave him a dose of BOMBYX for his testicle and he follows it up by seeking a second opinion from a surgeon colleague. My colleague calls me to tell me that the trans-illumination he carried out has shown nothing out of order and the testicle looks normal.

Bastien is a child who dislikes cold and damp weather when he becomes quite anxious. He likes to be outdoors, both by the sea and in the mountains. He sweats profusely when making even a minor effort.

He is passionate about books and reads all day. He even dreams of books.

Foodwise, he likes meat, spices and has an aversion for fish. He usually sleeps on his right side.

He comes back a week later and I gave him IRIDIUM; which I also administered to his father.

Mind : DREAMS: BOOKS, OF. {0> 1> 0} [222]
Mind : IRRITABILITY: WIND, FROM COLD. {0> 1> 0} [222]
Male: Pain: aching: testes: right. {2> 7> 0} [222]
Perspiration : Exertion: agg.: during slight. {43> 59> 0} [222]

Follow up
The dose aggravates his testicular pain and results in serious swelling. The swelling then reduces and a few weeks later all is normal again with Bastien. His father has successfully fought off the threatened compulsory purchase of his restaurant. The family is no longer in a state of stress and so young Bastien can look forward to a culinary future.

The inflammation of the testicle indicates the series of GOLD or SILVER. The context of conflict indicates Group 9, especially as he is not in charge of the situation himself and it is not his authority that will resolve the problem.
Obviously, the father’s problems were affecting the son. The father had reached the top of his profession and had virtually mastered his art, but then he had one final hurdle to overcome in order to continue. Typical of Group 9, IRIDIUM

Patricia Leroux

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