2008 Janvier

Malaria nosode for Nightmares

de Anne Wirtz
Case Malaria Nosode

September 2007

A woman born in 1981, 27 weeks pregnant, was sent by her midwife because of her terrible bloody nightmares since 2 months.
"I never had it before, these dreams about being pursued by murderers, bloody killings etc. When I wake up I am exhausted."

She has been pregnant before, but she lost the baby at 13 weeks. It was a pity, but she did not shed a tear, although she was happy to be pregnant before.
She did not tolerate hormonal anti-conception, she would get aggressive explosions toward her partner, for which she did psychotherapy without beneficial effect. In Africa she went to a traditional healer; this was very helpful.
"Alcohol made me unpredictable and quarrelsome".

She lived and worked for some years in Africa where her parents had built a business.
"It was the best years of my life, so quiet, great!"

Back in Holland she had some business of her own. She has enterprising qualities.
"If my friend does not listen to my objections to something I can explode and strike out, once he hit me. I am very much focused on him because he moves in half-criminal circles. I am not a jealous type. Some time ago I was hitting myself, morbid."

I asked her the “Louis Klein” question, which I remembered of the nosode-seminar in Utrecht some years ago: “Did you suffer from MALARIA ?”
"Yes, 3 times, it has been allopathically treated. The last time, four years ago, was the worst. I could not walk nor sleep and had bursting headaches with heavy vomiting."

The first couple of months in Africa she took Lariam, but did not like it at all.
"I have a pressing headache for a long time, but it has gotten worse the last few years. I swallowed oxazepam for quite some time, because of my temper. During a rage it is as if I am someone else, it gets black in front of my eyes, quite frightening for people around me.
I had a good childhood, no problems with my parents.
When the psychotherapist called me "borderline", I quit the therapy.
I can brood about poisoning the African husband of my mum, because he manipulates her. My parents divorced unexpectedly because of their relationship. He is one of a criminal family. These men do frighten me, they are crazy.
I do not use drugs apart from a rare joint. I stopped drinking alcohol since some years. Twice I have been sentenced for stealing.
I used to go out and have fun. I was not interested in school or learning, although I was smart enough."

"For burglars and lately, since the nightmares, for rapists when I am walking in the streets alone."
No physical complaints. "Energy is fine, everything functions well".
"I can be chilly with shivering.
I can worry about my dear-ones."

As I learned in the before mentioned seminar of Louis Klein, she gives a perfect image of the MALARIA NOSODE (I got the remedy from Helios pharmacy).
The terrible feeling of threat as if in a war, the bloody images of killing etc. in dreams or psychosis is typical for this nosode.
So I gave her the remedy in 200K.

Follow up
She did not turn up at the appointment nor did I get an e-mail or call. But of course I being eager to get information about her reaction, tried to get in touch with her, in vain. Then I contacted the midwife and she mailed that the result was extremely positive. Her colleague, who did not know before that the client had gotten homeopathic treatment, told her that the nightmares were gone and that she changed into a totally different woman, in a positive way of course.

I would have liked to do a more extensive interview myself about the effect of the remedy in the long term, but this time I had to be content with the observations of the midwife.
My interpretation was … that she felt that she did not need more of homeopathy and was just not interested in talking about results with me.

If we gather more information about results on this nosode in homeopathic practice, we will be able to build a more extensive chapter in the materia medica. But in my opinion, after this experience, the essence has been given already.

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