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Mental illnesses

de Dr.K.V.Natarajan
Mental Illnesses
I do not have any knowledge in the intricacies of the complicated inner parts of the brain. Nor am I educated in psychiatry, yet the following will prove how perfectly remedies work when the patient's vital force is also taken into consideration for treatment.

Case 1
While working at Thiruvannamalai, a Station Master friend came to me with a case of impaired mental growth. Enquiries revealed that when she was two and a half years of age she was treated for croup with convulsions for a prolonged period of six months. There was normal growth mentally and physically earlier, but continued medication had impaired her mental growth and the disease had shifted settling in her brain.
As explained by her mother, the girl at 15 did not then have shyness, but behaved as a child with newcomers. Her talking and mannerisms were also childish. She could not clean vessels, clean the floor or draw a line of kolam (rangoli). Even while walking she would be jumping and dancing.
NUX MOSCHATA in its 200th potency, one single dose of five globules, did a wonder.

The next morning they reported no shyness in the girl. In a month she menstruated. Three months later, she could read and write Tamil elementary books with no medicines in the middle of treatment. After three months she relapsed. The chronic medicine of NUX MOSCHATA is HYOSCYAMUS. Given in its 1000th potency it brought the girl back in 10 months, to the amazement of all, to a similar bright figure comparable with the other ladies in the family. Before the homoeopathic medication she was tough, tall, hunch back, very lean and slightly blackish.
A perfect restoration was claimed by homoeopathy by a carefully selected remedy, allowed to work undisturbed by any other remedy. No vitamins, no substitutes, etc. After 10 months she was learning tailoring work.

Case 2
A man of 35 could not complete M.B.B. School at his age due to a mental illness. He imagined that two people talking together meant indignation against him. Because of this he behaved very violently towards them, inside or outside his house. Hence, he was kept under sedation.
Why this unusual behavior? I talked to him personally. He does not show anything wrong in personal conversation. He told me in a very confident tone that others were criticizing him about his shrunken thighs. He was very sure about the thinning of his thighs. Actually he had a well-built body and his thighs were very fatty. That meant he had the delusion of shrunken thighs.
Yes, homoeopathy is there for peculiar symptoms!
The correct remedy is SABADILLA and in its 200th potency made him behave normally. He could move out freely without any delusion and he actually told me how normal he felt. However, he could not be completely cured, since his father did not believe in his restoration, it is not something the psychiatrists could do and so he is being kept sedated!

Case 3
A neighbor at Madras reported about the continual crying of his child. The child must be carried all day and night. The father and mother taking turns were managing. The doctors did not find anything wrong with the child. A blood boil on the child’s head was cured by penicillin in the child’s 6 month. No further inquiry is necessary, a dose of NUX VOMICA 200 in a watery solution made the child sleep in 15 minutes. I did not have any reports again. The inflammation had rested in the brain and had made the child fretful.

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