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Murex 'I want to be beautiful'

de Anne Wirtz
September 2003

A Muslimah, born in 1976, came to my practice dressed in a long overcoat and her hair covered with a scarf. She has a round friendly face with some pimples and soft hair on her face. This is the reason that she came to ask my help. She was taking the Diana pill (birth control) as a prescription for some time, but then she had problems with her legs. She took some herbs and Agnus castus on her own, but they were of no help.
She gets tired easily and then she is inclined to eat. After trying to postpone this, she eats too much. Fruits make her hungry. She always has been aware of healthy food.
She is married and has a 6 year old daughter. She would like to have another child, but she fears for the labor-pains. She suffered 24 hours without dilatation. “I did not expect it to be so hard. The final pushing was easy, she came in 8 minutes. I had some small ruptures which were stitched.
I am very sensitive to pain.
I am the oldest of 3 children, born in Turkey and at my 3rd year we came to the Netherlands. I feel at home here. During holidays we go to Turkey. Last year I left my daughter behind, it was not easy. I care too much about her and spoil her. She does not accept no for an answer. She is clever, quiet, sweet and neat if she does anything, mostly she likes to be served. I always consider everybody. I can be stubborn too. I always want to talk things over. Talking is very important to me.
I have had the acne since I was 16, my first menstruation was at 12.
During the menses I suffer from pain in the vaginal edges, I can‘t sit on it, there is a downward pressure as if pushed out. I can have these pains when I have the flu. I have to lie down and a hot bottle under my feet relieves it, a cold floor I feel immediately. After a cold it starts with stitching in the vagina and distended belly. It can get very bad a few times a year, or less intense. It can be quite sensitive during sex. I like sex and sexual satisfaction. My husband is very considerate. Now I cannot do without sex since I know it, before marriage it did not play a role in my life. Even during my pregnancy we had sex till the very last day.”

Cystitis several times, took antibiotics and also for her acne without positive results.
The pimples on her face flair up during tension.
She studied the Koran and Arabic and teaches and helps as a voluntary in the Mosque.
“I want to be useful in life, to study and to develop myself. I like to help people and to teach. Before my pregnancy I wanted to go to university, she came unexpectedly and I considered an abortion, but did not. I breast-fed for 2 years. Later I had an abortion anyhow, which I do regret now. I wanted to study and not get fat. I do not like the stretch marks on my belly, it is not beautiful, especially for my husband I think and I hate the body-hair-growth. Appearance is important, chubby is not beautiful too.”
From eating onions she gets a distention of the stomach and she dislikes the mouth-odor, garlic is okay. “If I eat without appetite my stomach protests.”
What about stress? “ Traveling, I have a fear to fly, I get sick in a car and just get travel-sick. Odors aggravate. Since my childhood I always had to vomit during traveling.
I get dizzy when tired, eating makes it worse, only lying relieves.
I can be angry to my husband or family members if they criticize me, then I am not cheerful anymore. I try to be considerate. I plan my days, I like structure and I want things neat. I love to read, but have not enough time. It is more useful than watching TV. I want to be someone who knows.
We have breakfast for hours and talk about everything, but I think we should take some more time to do sensible things and not only enjoy ourselves.
My feet and hands are swollen in the morning and my feet are more painful in the evening. Massage helps."

The marriage has been arranged. “We have a good marriage. My parents have problems with theirs. I have some fear that my husband might be unfaithful. The most important in my life is my family, husband and child.”
She drinks a lot; water, tea etc.
Sleep is long and deep.
Dreams? Un-remembered.
Hobbies? Cook and bake.
Does not like the heat, her armpits do sweat a lot the last 1 1/2 years.
She can swim, but under the sea-water-level is quite scary for her.
She likes to be in calm motion.



Because of the classical labor-like pains and her strong sexual appetite it was quite easy to choose for MUREX PURP MK.
It was very remarkable how openly and freely she talked about her sexual life, although she had a quite timid look. The total-body-cover made it even more striking.
Because of the analogy of this sea-animal tightly living in its armor-like cover with a narrow ventral frontal opening, I decided to give this case in detail.

Follow-Up 3 weeks later.

She has been on holiday in Turkey, “it was okay, I enjoy the beauty, but I prefer to be home. I feel well. My vagina was slightly prickly during a cold. I was obstipated during the trip, but it is fine now. I used to be scared to get nauseous in the heat, but I start to enjoy it. I expect my menses next week. I feel more irritated as usual and do express it more. I can be quite angry in familiar circumstances. My skin, quite dry on holidays, is fine now. My energy is better. I did not have any eating excess. The swelling of hands and feet is much less and the perspiration in the armpits seems to be less.
I decided to have another baby, but not during summertime, that might be too hot."

Because the amelioration on all levels we waited.

I saw her twice the next 6 months and she had one repetition Murex MK.

Follow-Up In March 2004.
She came again to tell me that she was pregnant. She can be nauseous and has a craving for sour. She came to ask if I can help her during the coming time if necessary.

Follow-Up In June 2004.
The pregnancy is going fine, but her feet and hands are quite swollen. Periodically she had cramps in the legs. She does not like to be fat, “it is not beautiful,” looks are important to her. “I want the baby, but not the pregnancy”.
She has an aversion to milk and likes sour apples.
“I plan to walk one hour every evening that is good for my body for the preparation of the labor and general health. When I start I am not allowed to skip one evening, then I have to keep to the self-made planning.”
She is very structural overall.
“If I walk in bare feet I feel a pressing pain in the vagina, like before, although I like the cooling effect.

I gave her MUREX PURP.LM 1 to take whenever she felt the need for it.

In the beginning of November 2004 she gave birth to a healthy baby-boy. The birth was much easier compared to the first. Within 6 hours this time.

About 8 months later I saw her again because she wants to loose weight and get rid of some swollen veins in her legs, especially because it is not pretty.
She is very dedicated to her baby, she barely lets him out of her sight and care.

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