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Ophiophagus hannah: Birds versus snakes

de Catherine Sharfstein
June 16, 2007
A woman, extremely attractive, large and tall, dressed very stylish, came because of her son. (I was mesmerized looking at this woman.)
Her son is 14 years of age and does not talk. I observed her son; the first impression was that he is a wounded animal.
12 months into treating her son I offered the woman to take her case. I thought it would help to understand the state of her son. Her son was adopted when he was several days old and heavily vaccinated, until he stopped making sounds at 3 years. The woman told me that she is very healthy and there is not a single problem with her. I still insisted in taking her case.

Do you have any pains or aches; is their anything that concerns you?
"I am healthy and everything is fine with me."

What do you like to do?
"To read, love to be outside, in a day like today, and have the sun on you. I like to read in that atmosphere, and be still. Coming with god, just to feel present, To feel live. Connected. I live to be outside, outdoors and be with family. The simpler is better. I like to enjoy the love the family and nature. I love to sit by the pool, It is relaxing. My life revolves around family. I do like to eat."

"I love the colors. One of my favorite places is the beach; it cannot be too hot. I love the beach, the texture, the waves and you see it visually, and the sky is so fast, palm trees, birds. It is full and the breath; it is touching your body. It is being touched. Relaxing, wholesome feeling. I love to see the buds on the. I is fast trees. It is dead. To be aware of the few buds, watch them flower into leaves. It is fast, wide open, and a sense of freedom. The water when you look, hard to tell when it ends, it continues. It touches the sky, earth and haven meats. Nice connection. They connect."

Wide open and a sense of freedom?
"No restrictions, it is free movement, lots of room, it is not NARROW. It is airiness to it. Wide-open, lots of choices. Flexibility, I am still at the beach, wide openness, the birds are flying. It IS FLIGHT, you can fly when it is wide open, you are not stuck to the ground, I see blue in the water and blue in the sky. With bits of white. When my husband opened up restaurant, I helped him and I HAD A JOB. My in-laws would leave at 4, I was the hostess. When they left…I felt CAGED, LOOKING OUT THE window, I wish I were like that I can go out. I am a bird in a cage and I cannot get out. Like a cage bird. I wanted to be free – one hand movement. That lasted for 2 years. I had never forgot that feeling. When I retired, this what I gave myself. As soon I saw that, that purified my feeling. I loved doing my job; I liked the work less and less. I was doing things that I did not love. That typified how I felt. I am free. I did not have to do things for everyone else. I want to do for Christopher. I was being restricted in some way, I was doing for Chris."

Hand gesture?
"Abundance, overwhelmed, It opened – hand gesture. This gesture to me has two meanings. One is positive, being overwhelmed, two much to do, too much activity, confusion, too much to be contained. That is negative, the positive and opening one self up, to receive to be open to difference."

Hand gesture?
"Prayer, wonderful, of the air, brushing against the arm, air in the room, you are making your own wind. It is stagnant, the air is stagnant. You feel alive; you feel that brushing the air against. Movement it is goodness, and activity, not too much activity, it is growth, the positive is open to the growth. Positive and negative. Exasperation, I am feeling exasperated, and overwhelmed, not knowing what to do."

"Sadness, we can get so overwhelmed, all these activity muddle our life and you missed the moment. How to get out of the feeling of this moment."

Flight and freedom and openness?
"Symbolic of achievement of soaring, the SKY IS THE LIMIT. Means anything is possible if you believe and if you want it enough. The sky is no limit. We put the limitations on ourselves, the feeling of opened, releasing on self-inflicting limitations. Receiving what is good in the universe. Freedom."

"To do what you want when you want it. I GUESS, is not being contained. Many times, not being put in a box. A box is restrictive, it is hard to get out of the box, and freedom is the way out. It is a ceiling, it is a box, opening, and you do not see the walls, no ceiling. The flight no floor. Flight gives a freedom even more, NO floor, it is bigger feeling of freedom, and you are up in the air. You can look down and look up, and feel part of things, without being restricted. The flight gives you the wind across your body. It is energizing. The wind is across your body it also propels you, it lifts you up, it is your friend, you feel secure. It holds you up. The sun is important part in this picture. Flight is beautiful with beautiful sunshine, sparkles from the water, reflected up, it is bright, warmth. Which makes the wind feel good. Flight is freedom, you can get anywhere you want very quickly, you are not bound, you can take advantage of the sky and the wind and get where you want quickly. Just for the pure joy, just SORE."

"It IS going the next step that you are afraid to go. It is Frightening, you concur that, you go above, where you own initial…inclination…soar above the mountain, and you release the fear, inner strength. It feels great. Soaring as above something, something might be blocking where I want to go, by soaring above it, it is being able to rise above the mountains. Going above what is on the earth, not being blocked by anything. Like touching haven. Lifting – being lifted. Whoosh – hand up. Whoosh, getting through, pushing up against something. It is not hard like steel, it can be ……feathers, whoosh, or water, texture, and you can break through. Soaring, you need to exert energy, to get through what is there."

"I feel a gracefulness, in the hand movement, it is graceful, it is releasing, the wish, has elongated. No ended, as you get through the air, and resistance of the air, you feel that, whoosh, it does end, you are soaring, you are there. This is when you are completely open, you are getting high, and you do not feel the sense of freedom. Soaring, like a rocket, beyond gravity, resistance is not there. You can fly easily. Fly easily, it is enjoyable, you not destructed, by working through. Soaring gives a big picture. It is a freeing feeling. Not playing it so safe. It is taking a risk. It is exposing yourself. Freeing, moving through the air, getting out on top. Getting through it, it is not dense, it is able to get through, and feathers and water came to my mind. Makes a sound. It takes consistency. You have to go full distance, take it the whole way and release, the freedom, reaching out and being open. You are above it. Buoyancy, vastness, in many cases, it is a large area and it is buoyant, no ground below you. Feathers. Light and airy, gives one the remembrance of flight."

Remembrance of flight?
"Feathers on birds, we see them flying and being free, they are symbolic of being able to fly, Angels have hairs. Colorful and beautiful and soft, and loaded on their wings, this is what gives them the ability to fly. They are magical. Something about feathers witch are magical. It is a good feeling. Because of …..They are they speak of things that can be……I am not sure why. It is symbolic of unlimited possibilities. I am associated it because of flight – 2 hands. It is just with the feather, many of them, and having wings and is able to soar and fly. The feathers are able to capture the wind and to be supported by wind, to reach higher and higher. To…get a different perspective, when one is above. It is a different perspective.

Being above?
Wonderful, you can see how things fit all together; you see a big picture, no restrains, and no blockages. One is in the air, no floor and no sealing, not in the box. You FEEL VERY light vs. heavy, Lightness. To your heart and spirit. Connection to the spiritual. Image of the bird – it is graceful, it is not exerting itself, soaring doing most of the wind, it is not a chaotic flight, it is graceful, allowing the wind to take you where the bird goes. The bird is being amenable, being not restrains, but being to open where the wind goes, It is an easy flowing upward, you do not have to work hard, allowing the wind to be part of it. It is in tuned with the wind. The bird is having a good time. It is what it is meant to do, graceful and gliding. Knows no fear. A white bird, like a dove, initially, I saw this bird. A light dove."

"They are magical, they have a deep connection with heaven and earth, they are peaceful, they are gentle, and they soar. Actually an Eagle, the Eagle, is one of strength, whooshing through, it takes some energy, continues striving, the eagle REMINDS me of concurring something. Eagle is not gentle as a dove; know what it has to do. It has a focus, keep sense of focus, laser, sharp, put the strength behind it to achieve the goal. Eagle can achieve big altitude and capture this wind, it is majestic, powerful, can be fierce as needed; It can attack, if it has to. It is strong and it has a purpose, and if something will strength, not attack to attack, as a defensive, it can protect and it would fight in order what it has to achieve. It will use it to achieve its goal. Considerate vs. the dove."

"If someone is trying to …..It will not attack for the sake of an attack, in order to brake through; it will attack to get accomplished. It can use the beak and legs are extremely strong, great strength, it can pick apart flash, the beak is a strong, laser sharp eye, it can detect any movement. It can sore and fly away very quickly, in order to attack being attacked in return, and it is very strong. "

"It is large, and it has great strength in legs, and in wings, every part of the body has strength, it’s beak. It stand erect when it is perched, it has an attitude, aware and erect."

spread eagle

This interview was about freedom, flying, birds, lightness, attack. It gave all attribute of a bird case, and it brought an attack of an Eagle. I decided on a bird remedy – Eagle.
Prescription: Eagle 30c.


Follow up: February 15, 2008
The women did not do well on the remedy and decided not to continue with her treatment.
Then she came in for an appointment and started telling me her dreams.

December 30 – "I saw a movie on Paper view – Chuck and Larry. It is a comedy, I pretended to be Gay, and I do not pretended more to that."
January 7 – "My hair was flipping in the back; my regular hairdresser was sleeping. A different person came to do my hair. She cut it. I was nervous, that she was shaving my hair. She was not buzzing it off. She was thinning. She combed my head, I saw two big bold spots on the top of the head, and they shocked me. Two bold spots. I thought of a different hairstyle to cover the hairstyle. My ant died, I thought of her thinning hair. Her hair was thin. I thought about doing what she did. I went to pay and it was $60, vs. $40. I was thinking what to do with the bold spots."
January 12 – "I went on vacation with my husbands sister and husband and another couple. I do not remember who they were. It was our car, the first day it was raining, so we wondered what to do. Franks sister got a phone call from her son, She did not know how to use the phone, and I helped her how to use it, Her son told her what was happening at home. I lost the key to the room. My brother in law spilled something, and he told that he would fix the car. My sister in law brought Christopher to my room. I needed more privacy; I moved to someone else room to get dressed. I was in other people’s room, they were sleeping, they woke up, and they were SHOCKED TO SEE me there, I explained why I am in their room. IN a few seconds they left the room dressed with the baby carriage."

February 3:
"#1 I saw this is my niece by marriage, they were having difficulties with the two girls. I prayed for healing. It was the end.
#2 – it had 4 parts to it. We MOVED INTO A different house, Luba and Cris and Fren were in my dream. Cris was in my dreams 4 – 5 years old. I had to stay with him, I tried to give the woman my cell number, every number I went to write with a pen, it was out of ink, the pen would not write. Everything I TRIED, I could not give her my phone number, I was frustrated.
#3 – we are in a different house, the boxes are unpacked. Luba is not attentive, she is not seemed to be concerned, and I am FRANTICALLY SCURRYING IN THE HOUSE. It WAS frustrating.
#4 – I AM IN A doorway, the door just open, I am not dressed; people from work are coming in. My clothes are in the hallways. I am unnerved; I am feeling edgy that they could get in my house, without me opening the door. They would have wood in my door, so they could in every time they wanted it. It concerned me.
#5 – last part of the dream.
Frank and Cris are in the house, I hear something, I approached the door, and I walk thought the hallway, I see coffee pots 1, 2, 3. I could not shot out the 3rd one. I am disturbed that someone got into the house very easily. The doors were half open."

What did you experience?
"It is disturbing; it is violation of my family security. It IS A BURGLAR ON THE LOOSE in the area. He targeted our area. He entered in, when people are home, People leave the windows open, they do not set the alarm. It is like a cat burglar. Takes what he wasn’t and he leaves. He is dressed in black, and he leaves. We are conciseness with security. It is alarming, he could get in, Cris could get out. It is not safe."

Violation of family of security?
"It is a home, - castle, safe places. Having someone enter, uninvited, it is disturbing, it is a place, which is safe or should be safe. Therefore, having someone walk uninvited, I had it in real life. The DOOR IS open. We were expecting. I came in as you told me. He opened the door and came in. The men got very nervous. I come on in. He went to turn, the door, did not close exactly, he opened the door, it prayed on my mind, protect, who is this intruder. We made a god story. How coincidently the latch on the door did not latch in. It PRAYED ON MY MIND, It AFFECTED ME."

"It IS FRIGHTENING, SURPRISED ELEMENT INVOLVED, IT IS ENTERING MY SAFE PLACE, MY HOME. It is a fear factor, what do they want, why are they hear, will they hurt us, how can I protect from the current situation, how do I make it more secure."

"I had my adrenaline was on high; I felt pumped us, I WAS READY FOR ANYTHING. I KNEW I HAD TO BE BOLD, YOU JUST DOING, without thinking, you have to protect. To MAKE A BLOCK, I AM BETWEEN THE INTRUDER AND Christopher. I was bold, I felt strong. I would do anything."

"Taking courageous actions. Pushing forward, not being passing. Being A LEADER."

"I WAS GOING ON AUTOMATIC INSTINCT, SOMETHING comes over you, and you are not aware of thinking it through, acting, and reacting, your body knows what you know what to do. You are falling the automatic signals of going forward, incredible strength comes into play. It is a gift, we have in emergencies. People doing incredible things, whet under normal circumstances and they proceeds. Acts of heroism."

6th sense, intuition, the greater knowledge?
"In the crises, we put the defenses down and it always comes forward, in the crises, we are desperate, we allow it to come forward. Instinct."

I"t is something in the cells, not what we program, but something what we are born in, it is programmed in DNA. Birds know how to fly south for the winter."

"How know how to provide for themselves, they are smart, how do they know direction, how they can fly to the same spot. It is something more to the bone; it is the life of animals. This instinct is a proof which is a greater being, it is not happens by accident."

Instinct of animals?
"This is what makes them continuing, it is precise, it is beautiful, it keeps them alive and thriving."

It keeps them alive?
It is a part of how they know how to get food and where to eat, if they need to store food, as squirrels do, if they need to hibernate. It is helps them to be who they are. It helps them to survive and prosper in different circumstances.

Every animals needs to eat?
"You have to seek these things out in order to maintain life. The instinct is which goes to life. It will encourage to life. This instinct will be the best friend. Survive, when things are not positive. They have to look for basic needs, not to thrive, just basic. It is not want to stay very long. It is healthy instinct to survive, not to roll over to survive. They will seek out food and nourishment."

To seek out food?
Depends on animals, if they are vegetarian, they will walk. Elephant in Africa. They may seek water for miles. They do not give us; they have a build up radar where to go. Getting to the water hole, it is inside of them.

"I think they are very interesting animals. As big as they are, they show…..a lot of emotions, they like groups, social, they are smart, yet they are so big, you can think they are big and dumb. I admire this perseverance; they do what they have to do. Elephant rage, man encroaching on wilderness. They are coming into space with men. They will show elephant rage. As timid and as a kind this elephants seemed to be, they feel rage, they need to protect, they need to take what is theirs."

"Kind of slow moving, dumb animals, you can lead anywhere you want. It is not the case. They have a community; they could be driver to be FIERCE."

"Rage is high emotion and anger, such that again the adrenalin pumps up, they drive to do things that they would not do normally, to this condition, and they act out to express it, to protect what they have been violated, Strong and aggressive approach."

"Moving forward, moving on, toward the person or item, being bold, being strong. I recently saw in a movie Criminal mind, the gentlemen, was proposing to his girl friend. A gang came and killed her, and rapped her, Slashed her, He could not defend himself. Then he was driven to rage, a psychotic rage, he want on to be a serial killer, when he was in a psychotic rages. He WAS RUTHLESS, He had the strength, element of surprise, he was in a psychotic rage. He just lost himself."

"When he was in psychotic rages, as he was a wolf, with the swords, you were not sure what was happening. He was cunning, shrewd, and sly, he was SLY, HE WOULD SLEEP IN TO PLACES. He WOULD BE ABLE TO GET INTO THE PLACES, AND have an element of surprise to his victim. He would ware a hood. He would not be able to be seen."

He would not be able to be seen?
"To HAVE CLOAK OF SECRECY, TO BLEND IN TO THE NIGHT, DRESSED IN BLACK. Sleeping IN, IT IS A BLOCKAGE, YOU CAN GET INTO, you can continue to go, by going under. Under, to get through. Be more flexible, change shape, shape form, go with the flow, keep moving, being malleable, flexible, almost not having solid form, almost to a liquid, Get under. Changing shape, it is continuing the moving and motions, it is another way to go about it, being creative, seeking a different way, not the typical, to be able to move on."

Moving on?
"It is fluid, continues, it does not meat with the resistance, it is successful, than you can go on. I IS A TEMPORARY THINGS, it is not typical movement, through the door. Going UNDER NEATH, THE door is not opening, changing form, then be more typical. It is doing what has to be done, keep the movement, and keep going forward. Even if one has to change shape, to be flexible, it goes almost to survival; it is like the life motion, doing whatever it takes to continues. This is how I try to live my life, in family relationship, I will go another way. It may take a bit longer, it will be softer, it is not hoping down the wall. Will go around, above and under - shows with two hand how to go under - a wavy motion. Will sleep through. Will get there. It is a movement, which is very comforting; it is lets make a way. It is a snake."

It is a snake?
"Snake can change the shape and form, be flexible, be very sly, they survive well, and they normally go under things. Don’t they. They can get their bodies really flat."

"They are different variety, some are poisonous and some are not, they have shot teeth, many colors, many of them like dark places, rock and crevices, They are under things, It can be surprised, if you move a rock. They are very strong, they can wrap around - HG the man or man or women and choke them, and take their breath away. When WE WATCH the animals channel, on the tree hidden, or under the rocks, by the water, they will show how to take the snake with the hook. Some of them are poisonous; it may be very quick to bite the arm – gesture of one hand and touching the arm (she is talking about a larger snake, which bite on the arms). Snake could be very quick moving, if they are very docile, they could do a very quick motions to bite, so they are unpredictable, They are defending themselves. We are picking up the rock, they are trying to survive, we are imposing on them, and they will defend themselves. When they need to. They will bite and scurry away, to get away from harm".

Do you know any snakes by name?
"Rattle snake is very popular, SABER TOOTH, GARDEN SNAKE, Harmless. I did some research. They do not stick with me. They are trying to get away, if they can not get away, then they will attack, by biting and they have venom, may be not poisonous, or they can wrap themselves around the intruder, to immobilized the intruder."

They will attack?
"The snake is long this way, I see it raising the head and making a puncture, that will be the first line of attack, it can get away. It is black and white, white with scales and of gray and white body, with speckles with gray and black speckles. It is not very long, it is 3.5 feet, and it is not very thick. The eyes are black, with green stripes in the eyes, the tong is black, The edges to the tong, like a forked tong, The head is straight, two eyes, the mouth with the tong, the tong jabs in and out. The tail is nothing unusual. It is the end of the body, nothing unusual. Rattlesnake, even I know…the person is holding it by the tail, I do not see it."

king cobra

I do not like snakes?
"THEY ARE NOT injuring, one would think of harm, get away from it. You cannot have a relationship with a snake, or with a dolphin of bird. Snake is not approachable and has this relationship. It can harm you. Biting and wrapping itself around you. It was all over the place – HG, of a snake movement, we went different places. We did not stay in one place …. I DID NOT MAKE ANY RIME OR REASON ABOUT IT."

I decided to go with the snake remedy, since the energy of the patient was active, when she was talking about snakes. The patient needed a neuro toxic remedy. She never had a problem with bleeding. I wanted to go with the Naja remedy – Cobra. I had prescribed Naja naja remedies in the past. The woman were of smaller physic and not that attractive. I decided on a King Cobra – Ophiophagus Hannah from Remedia.
Prescription: Ophiophagus hannah (King Cobra) 30c x 2.

Follow up: August 1, 2008
June 13 – Ophiophagus hannah (King Cobra) 30c


How are you?
"NOTHING BOTHERS ME, PHYSICALLY I am well, my mental attitude is very good. I do not have these moments. When things look very bad, I think positively, I THINK LOVINGLY, GIVE people the benefit of a doubt. IT is effortless. I feel more in tune with God; I just close my eyes and go with the flow. I AM GRATEFUL, things are more highlighted. It is very good and positive."

"No dreams. I sleep very well, no dreams that I can remember. Very well."

Neck and back?
"It was great, I started to feel a little of pain, 3 days ago, I felt tension in the back, you FEEL THE TENSION IN THE neck behind. It IS easier today. It is not constant. This is time to take another remedy. Things are very good."

My thumb?
"Right hand, it hurts, when you pull it. It is a weakness here, it is still there. The thumb on the RIGHT hand is more sensitive in the last 3 days, but now it is better. The thumb is a bit better. No physically complaints, no mental complaints."

Past problems :
"When I would wake up, I had to be careful to go down the steps, my knees were stiff, I was careful, bending knees, was difficult. I do not have any longer. I am very aware. It is easier to go down the stairs. I used to have an occasional constipation; I do not have that any longer. I had more night sweats, not like before. Hot FLASHES, it used to be 100% now it is only 10%."

"She wears black and white. I like it more, it compliments my hair. I liked the black and white always. It could be off white. Black and pink. Black and Coral."

"I can be very pleasant in the warmer weather. I CAN tolerate better warmer weather than cool. My husband will be hot; I will have a sweater on."

Ophiophagus hannah (King Cobra) 200c x 1 – August 1, 2008

Follow up: August 24, 2008 – phone consult.
"I am doing very well. I have nothing to complain about. Life is good."

Recommendation: wait.

Catherine Sharfstein

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