2008 Janvier

Pfeiffer proving

de Rob Peters / Huib Wijtenberg / Margriet Plouvier
Morbus Pfeiffer
Mononucleosis infectiosa, Morbus Pfeiffer or the infection of Epstein Barr virus is a disease for all ages. In little children the infection is mostly very mild. That is the reason why it is seldom recognized.
In adolescents and grown ups the disease can show itself more violently and might be complicated by hepatitis. The characteristics of the disease are:
 Fever, perspiration, loss of appetite, nausea, swelling of the cervical glands and elsewhere in the body, headache, cough, inflammation of the throat with pale-yellow mucus on the tonsils, pain of the liver, swelling of the spleen, ecchymoses on the palate.
 Incubation time: 4-7 weeks
 The disease lasts: 3-6 weeks
 DD: during the acute period: tonsillitis
DD: during the period of convalescence: toxoplasmosis and CMV.
 Patients who have got an antibiotic for tonsillitis and get a rash and itching all over after the antibiotic, surely have Pfeiffer disease.
 97% of the people above the age of 30 years got M. Pfeiffer sometime.

After the period of the acute disease some patients have a long period of convalescence some of them do not recover. The best known symptom during this period of recovery is the fatigue.

During a seminar about Morbus Pfeiffer by Huib Wijtenburg and Rob Peters a proving was arranged with the nosode Pfeiffer C30.
Together with Carcinosinum, Phosphor, Phosphoricum acidum, Lycopodium, Mercurius and Ailanthus the nosode Pfeiffer was mentioned as one of the remedies for the situation: ‘never well since Pfeiffer disease’.

Proving Nosode Pfeiffer C30

Prover 1
Monday: normal day, I didn’t notice anything.
Tuesday: normal day, but I am extremely fatigued, heavy eyelids, heavy lower limbs.
Wednesday: very fatigue, difficult to keep my eyes open. Caused by the fatigue I am doing strange things: I walk towards the bread toaster with the intention to make some coffee. Mistakes.
Thursday: still I feel tired, but the extreme heaviness of my eyelids and my lower limbs is less. I hope this is due to the proving, other ways I am not at all happy about this fatigue, I don’t know a reason for it. No specific things to be mentioned.
Friday: the 1st day of the seminar I lose my way on the way home. I arrive in Deventer, while I live in Friesland.

Prover 2 (knows the remedy)
I took the remedy on Saturday 20 March.
I dreamed that night, but I don’t remember the dream.
I have taken the remedy again on Sunday 21 march in the morning.
In the afternoon I have a heavy sensation n my left upper arm. I don’t like it. The sensation recalls a memory of the age of 15 years. At that time I stayed in a boarding school and I was visiting an uncle, who was a family doctor, because I had a weird sensation in the top of the left lung. I didn’t feel well and it frightened me. All this was in the past.
I go jogging and the sensation of heaviness in my left upper arm disappears.
I couldn’t remember the stretch I ran and that’s strange. I am not always aware while I am jogging, but most of the time I am able to get it in my memory, when I focus. Now it just isn’t there and it stays away.

Sunday evening I have a cramping pain in my left calf, it doesn’t stay long. Next day it is gone.
In my left 1st finger I have a stitching pain, as if from a thorn. I don’t see any thorn in it, neither I can remember something like that.

Dreams on 21 and 22 March
There is a reunion of people of the boarding school.
It seems that I am one of the people who organize, because I have to take care for the food supply. I ask people to help me to bring the food to the place where we need it.
We are on a sports yard. I see old guys of the boarding school. . I see that heir hair is gray. I recognize one of them; in early days he was small and vulnerable, now he has a wise look, he is small but no longer vulnerable.
I see the court of the school and we are searching for the front door.

A food store, but hardly something to buy.

We’re sitting at the riverside. We are fishing. I see a little fish is tearing my float.
Then a large fish comes near and a frogman is swimming behind him.
Later a hippopotamus is there as well. It is all very strange, but I am not surprised (as if this is normal).

Monday: my stool is OK, I feel satisfaction after it, well done.
The sensation of prickling in the 1st fingertip is still there.
In the evening I have the sensation as if the right foot is heavy and swollen. My right buttock is painful, I don’t like to sit.(old complain)
I listen music from the time I studied at university and I see the rolling Stones on TV.
I read the book ‘De Bondgenoot’ ( the associate) in one evening. This is the autobiography of an immune-cell, written by Henk Fransen.

Tuesday I wake up early (I remember this happened several times).
I have old symptoms paralytic pain in my shoulders and upper arms. I didn’t feel this for months.
The stitching pain in the finger is gone.
I had a dream but I can’t remember, just this; an ugly woman with shortly cut blond hair has to pass something.

During the forenoon I have 3 consultations. All patients are doing well. One of the patients had the complaint ‘never well since M. Pfeiffer’ (Calc-c D12 and Sulfur LM6).
I expected to be busy during this time but I have time to do other things.
I read the book of Rupert Sheldrake.

I have a meeting. I recognize that one of my colleagues looks very well.
Going home by train I meet an old hockey mate. He is with a woman. They are following a course about life and intuition. We have a nice conversation about all that is; invisible, untouchable, but does exist somehow.

Tuesday and Wednesday I have a vague sensation of nausea.

In the afternoon I laugh about my son and I notice 2 cracks in my under lip left and right side, symmetrical.
During 2 nights I didn’t dream. I feel OK about the remedy, just feeling a bit nauseous. I take another dose in the afternoon.
Preparing the seminar I feel very quiet, not hurried, or stressed. I am rather confident. I take a video of a patient, and later in the afternoon I take another one. I arrange my administration which I postponed. It seems as if I have all the time, unlimited.

No dreams that I remember.
In the forenoon I discover that all my afternoon- patients cancelled their consultations, except one (Conium). Now I have the opportunity to go jogging. I feel relaxed.
I take a video of a patient in stead.
While jogging I recognize that I again run thoughtlessly the stretch, which I ran last time. Normally I stop at the place to look for birds of prey. Now I forget it for a second time. In another part of my route, I take the right path were I use to take the left one.
For a moment I feel pain in my right knee. My knee hurts since my 15th. I am operated on the meniscus-medialis. Now I feel pain in the lateral part.
I try to move or to play in another way, etc. I have the association that maybe this knee complaint came after the time that I stopped playing.

During the last week I have several discussions and disputes with my sons. We have fun and we are involved. My youngest discovers all my old music discs in our cellar. Symbolic?

During dinner all of a sudden my nose is bleeding, right nostril, I can’t remember I had this before at this time. I can have it in the morning while washing myself.
During an hour I have the sensation falling sick, it disappears. I feel some pain in my right hip. While cooking I have some toothache.

During the 2 days of the seminar, in the evening, my feet do sweat with bad odor. This lasts for some days. (is a symptom of my youth)

My fingertips are very sensitive.

Prover 3
20 March: I took 1 granule at 4 pm: in the evening bloated tense sensation in upper abdomen for a short time.
21 March: in the morning I have the same sensation for a short time in my upper abdomen right side.
22 March: 7 am I took the second granule.
10.00-12.00 pollakisuria, 12,00 again pressing pain in right abdomen.
In the night I feel warm, palpitations lying on the left, waking to early; 5 am.
After the 2nd day of the seminar on my way home I forget to take the right exit of the motorway. Driving back I forget the exit again. This exit I know well, I am driving this route for years, I could drive there ‘with my eyes closed’. Now we passed it while we were chatting, nevertheless; I never missed it.

Prover 4
On Sunday I felt firm, not as easy upset as I mostly are.
On Monday I am listless and I can’t concentrate.
Tuesday: I have craving for sweets, impossible to control.
In the night stitching pain in right hip and knee: I woke up at 1 am and 5 am and I could hardly sleep after. Lying on the painful side was impossible.
Wednesday during the day the pain was gone, but during the night I had the same pain again, but less. On Thursday no pain.

Prover 5
On Sunday 21 March leakage in the kitchen.
Has to do with the proving? I hope the others are free from this!
Monday: aversion to green salad.
In the night I dream: I am in a lecture room and someone is teaching (medicine). I have to clean the cupboards. While cleaning I am listening to the colleague. I arrive at a cupboard where a doctor is checking laboratory results. He says his patient has a high ‘B’ status. ( I don’t know what the meaning of ‘B’ is, may be ‘B’ stand for Bellis. So I say: “Bellis Perennis?” The doctor is surprised that I know this. “Yes” he says “yes the daisy is something new in medicine.”
Tuesday: again aversion green salad, my appetite is less.
In the night I have a dream: I am in Amsterdam intending to go to the theatre. While going there I notice people are pick pocketing. Many people are searching for their wallet and their jewelry. I follow the picketers and take all the things back from them. After the show the group is split: one group is going with a bus. They will bring people home in Amsterdam. The other group is taking a bus driving out of he city. I take the wrong bus and arrive in Diemen at the railway station. I meet the picketers again and I am able to take more things back. Finally I capture for a prize of hundred thousands Euros, golden diamond ornaments and wallets with a lot of money.

Prover 6
21 March on 7.30 am I take the granule. I left my bed 2 times before to look after the cats.
I have a dream. I never dreamed this before. But I don’t remember the dream.
9.00 I wake up with pain in left hand-palm, in the middle. It disappears after some minutes.
22 March in 0.30 I take the second granule. At 1.00 I wake up. I had a dream: my spouse pushed the cats outside. She would never do this.
Another dream: the driver of a bus came after me. I felt threatened. We stopped because of a traffic light. My car was behind the bus. I took a side street and I saw him passing by, he didn’t see me.
23 March on 23.00 pm I took the last granule.
A dream: I might have to be the Pope.
I wasn’t really interested, but I had the opportunity.
For some time I had pain in a molar. It broke off, this happened some weeks before.
I have bitten on a hard thing.

Prover 7
Dream: I am importing items into the computer. According to the one who gave me the order, I am saving the items wrongly. I feel hot when I wake up.
I take the 3e granule on Monday.
Dream: I am skating. The ice is melting. The ice isn’t strong enough to hold a
moped that’s coming nearby.
I take the 4e granule on Tuesday:
Dream: Again about importing information into the computer. Again I make mistakes.
Wednesday in the evening I notice some bruises on my legs. I didn’t injure myself. Oh wonder: I had a bunion on the 4th right toe: it is gone. My skin is dry, scaly and itching.
I feel fine. Spring is touching me deeply, more than before.

Prover 8 (knows the remedy)
Monday: I am looking tired and sleepy, take a nap.
Leakage of the central heating system.
Tuesday: a nice day, I feel good in the evening.
Dream: it appeared that my wife owns a second house, that isn’t used for some time. Why didn’t we lent it out? ( I dream more often about houses, mostly about an old house with several rooms, stored with furniture . This house was quite new.
In the evening we have a meeting. I was well aware but rather harsh to someone. I regret it. It is not like me.
Wednesday morning I feel bad when I wake up.
I hade a cold that was ending and now, it is worse again. I have a lot of mucus in the nasopharynx and a cough. I am sad, restless and hurried, which is part of me.
Thursday I feel bad again, on waking. Mucus in the nose and in the throat, the whole day I am sweaty, heated and sad and I have difficulties concentrating during a meeting. I am tired again.
During the last days;
I had cold feet. I have a feeling that I make mistakes, whatever I say is wrong, and that I am hurting people.

Prover 9
Before taking the remedy I doubted what to do. I am supposed to take a remedy prescribed by my therapist. I go there because of my insomnia. Then I decide to take this remedy to prove and the other remedy I will take later.

1st granule on Saturday 20 March 19.30. 1 Hour later I feel very cold, cold hands as well. After one hour the temperature is normal again.
At night it is difficult to fall asleep (which is quite usual to me), I sleep well during 6 hours, no dreams.
Sunday I feel normal. Some rumbling in my belly, especially in the morning. The rest of the day nothing special. I can’t fall asleep again, take Temazepam as I do more often. No dreams as far as I remember.
Monday 6.45 I take the 2nd dose. Until 18.30 nothing special. Perhaps I feel more desire for delicacies. Evening and night nothing special. I fall asleep spontaneously.
Tuesday 3rd dose at 18.30.
I notice that I am not stressed but rather laconic while in the afternoon I will be supervised by my boss. In the evening I am supposed to give a lecture. Normally I am nervous if I have to give a presentation. Now I am not nervous at all during the whole day.
After the lecture, at home, (22.30) I am tired. I take some rest. I am too awake, not able to sleep. Finally I take a Temazepam at 1.15. I am used to wake up at 6, but now I have to push myself to get up at 8.00 .
Thursday: nothing special, I work all day.
I am curious about the remedy we proved, because; not being nervous if I am going to give a lecture, is special for me.

Prover 10
On Saturday I have a headache and that is rare. I decide to postpone the first dose of the remedy.
23 March I take the 1st granule in the evening: it took hours before I fell asleep.
24 March at 4.30 I woke up with burning pain in my ear shell. It lasted 10 minutes. Then I lied awake for one hour with a pressing headache in occiput. I am very tired. No dreams.
During the day I crave for a syrup- pancake (which is strange).
In the evening I take the 2nd granule.
Again it takes an hour to fall asleep. Normally it takes just some minutes.
25 March at 4.30 I wake up with some pain in the ear shell, just for a while. I fall asleep soon after. No dreams, I am not tired.
During the day I laughed a lot, more than usually.
Something happened: my daughter is living in Belgium. She planned to visit us with her child during Easter. This evening she arrived by surprise.
Two patients didn’t show up without a message and that happens very seldom.

Prover 11
I learned a lot from this proving because I was concerned about the symptoms: what is from the remedy and what was there, somehow?
I took the remedy 4 times on successive days.
I discovered 4 symptoms as being unusual for me:
Fifteen minutes after taking the granule: a little dizzy, for a short time.
The evening after
the 1st dose I had very dry eyes, some irritating pain and a somewhat misty vision.
The 2nd day I had more urge for urination. This lasted 1 day.
The 3rd day my stool was thin and almost black.

Prover 12
On 23 March no physical changes.
Generals: craving for sweets (chocolates, cakes, cookies) I am not used to. I noticed that I wasn’t satisfied after taking sweets, I still craved for more. And I had no problem after taking sweets: normally I feel bloated after taking sugar and have to get rid of offensive flatus. Now there was no problem.
Mind: I am quite confident and stable.
Dreams: I have a bad dream about a food store that is invaded by mice. Nobody did something about it, but this couldn’t last. I took the responsibility while protesting and I killed the mice one by one with repugnance. I cut them in the middle with a spade, but sometimes it was not efficient. Everybody was watching me; nobody gave me a hand.
On 24 March: no physical changes
Generals: no longing for sweets any more.
Mind: quiet, confident and stable
Dream: again I have to take the responsibility for something against my will and wish.
On 25 March: a physical change:
Ears: at 3.00 AM I wake up with an unknown sensation in my right ear. It is as a fasciculation of the eardrum, it lasts 1 or 2 seconds, and is repeating. The pauses are short and irregular. I stayed awake for 1 ½ hour and lied in bed, restlessly.
During daytime I was very busy. No time to reflect.
While the reaction on my ear was irritating, I decide on 25 March in the morning not to take the last dose.

Prover 13
Dream 1: I walk along the cottage. My parents are there with the girlfriend of my youngest brother. I don’t know her, as I see her. Her hair is black and cut short. She has a pale face. She takes a homeopathic remedy. She had a smelling-dose and she takes it about 15 times a day. She has some bruises. I ask her: why don’t you take Arnica?
Dream 2: I am expecting a busy day. In the afternoon I have an appointment with the dentist. Later I have more patients. Then in the evening a party with the dentist and his assistants in a cottage at the seaside. I am concerned. We didn’t clear the time we would leave home. Was it at 17.00 PM?
Dream 3: I am sitting in a bus. The bus is riding in circles on the marketplace in my village. We are with a group of stage players. Were we have to rehearse is un- known. I am alone in this part of the bus. In the front is a young woman, alone as well. I am undressing myself. I try to be decent and I am using a towel to hide myself. The woman undresses herself as well. I am looking at her shyly. Then I start talking to her. She is laughing and we do have a feeling of connection.
Dream 4: I am visiting a clothes shop. I am wearing a jersey that is old fashioned. It is black with white blocks on it. I want to buy a new jersey, but in this store they don’t sell what I want. I am taking a woolen jersey and find that some threads are broken. One red thread is broken on the right side; the thread is going from one sleeve to the other. The jersey is of a dark color. I try to connect the two threads, but the threads are too short. Once I have fixed it, the jersey is too small to wear.
Dream 5: There is a match. We have to throw stones on a large box. The box is placed on a platform, but only halfway. When you throw the stone and the box falls of, you will be the winner. The box is 2 meters wide and it is flat. It is made of wood and a towel is put around it.
I am backstage in a room. It is like a stage.

During the day: on Thursday 25 march I have no desire to get out of bed. But I have a meeting at 9.15 with a colleague. I will help her with a difficult case.
At 12.30 I feel sleepy, I do not like to take the phone and listen to patients. They are complaining. I get rid of this feeling once I do answer the phone. I am friendly to the patients.

During the proving I wake up ¾ earlier. Usually I wake up by an alarm clock. Now I am awake before the clock is ringing.

Prover 14
On Saturday 20-03; nothing special.
On Sunday; the same. In the night I woke up at 3.00 AM and after that I didn’t have a sound sleep any more.
Monday 22-03 during the day I felt pain in the molar left upper side. I notice this the last time. In 2002 it has been operated on.
In the evening during a volleyball- training, the inner side of my left ankle is hurting. A year ago that ankle was injured. While running I can’t breath deep enough. That night I wake up at 3.00 AM again. I sleep well after that and I dream of my former job. I worked in a clinic and I had the car keys in my pocket.
Tuesday 23-03 the ankle still hurts on rising. The molar is sensitive. While walking I have a bruised pain in the bursa of the left hip. This lasts all day.
In the evening I am tired, I was hurrying all day long. Good sleep.
Wednesday 24-03 when I wake up the ankle hurts, only while walking. This is gone after 1 hour. The hip is hurting no longer. The molar is sensitive to cold food. In the evening I have pain in the back, left side just below the ribs, this is while doing sports. Normally I can feel this pain while standing for a long time or while walking slowly.
Thursday 25-03 I slept very well this night. I woke up at 6.30 AM by my spouse. I doze for some time. After rising I am aware of my ankle for a short time.
The cleaning- woman arrives. Last time she didn’t show up, without a message. I called her by phone: she was visiting her doctor. We didn’t have any contact until yesterday evening. Then she phoned me. I wasn’t home. She asked my husband whether it was OK if she would come today and said she would ring again.
In the meanwhile I contacted a friend to ask for another cleaning woman. This was the second time it happened and I was not satisfied with her work. But it is not easy to find someone else.
Yesterday, another woman was send by my friend and she called me up. We arranged to meet in the afternoon. Then the first cleaning woman showed up in the morning. The house was dirty, because nothing was done for 2 weeks. So I asked her to do the work that was needed. I told her about the other woman I will see in the afternoon and that I will decide later. This woman is from abroad, looking for asylum and It was difficult to take this decision, but it was definitive for me.
The molar is still hurting, for warm drinks as well. At 10.45 AM after the second consultation, I feel pain in the left side of the back, in the kidney region. This took all day.

Prover 15
Dream about a conflict between his father and one of his uncles.
He stands to his uncle.

Prover 16 (information incomplete)
Dream about rooms and furniture.
Something about a conflict with his father.
Tells about it, and it gives a warm feeling.

Prover 17
I was restless during sleep for some nights. This happens more often. Dreams at 2.00 and 4.00 AM. I have 2 dreams to mention:
I am hanging in a trapeze very high in a block of flats made from glass. I am exercising, somehow like a bird, and I am watching this, passing by in a group of people.

In the 3rd night:
Dream: a struggle between French and English people on an island. One is stronger than the other. In the dream it feels as a struggle between Romantics and Rationalists. The last are the warriors.
PS; I more often have dreams about something that has happened.

Prover 18
I took the first granule on Sunday morning the 21th of March. At 12.00 I decided to watch the skiing of the children, not going to ski myself. I take a book with me. In fact I feel confident about my own want of confidence. I feel contemptuous about others but about myself as well.
The second granule I took on Monday
I notice quite sharp and rude behavior of others without feeling unpleasant about it. I leave it to them. In the evening I am tired.
In the night I have a dream about what happened during the day. Monday evening I watched the film ‘Matrix’ and I dreamed about it. That was exciting but not fearful.
On Tuesday I have some premenstrual symptoms. I would like to cry. It is too early for this. I think about Maastricht. I would like to visit the town once again. Not going on foot, but by bike like during the time I was doing my medical education. I go by bike in between the lines, like a kid.
My son, the middle one, isn’t happy. During the night I dream about him. He is behaving awkwardly, but he does not listen to my advice.
On Wednesday at 12.30 I am very tired. On the one hand I am strong, but on the other hand I feel weak. This night I hardly sleep, feeling very restless.
On Thursday I have a headache that is getting worse and worse. In the evening it is gone.
During these days I was rather lazy without a guilty feeling. I liked to nibble sweets and nuts.

Comment of these prover; besides my weakness I didn’t feel bad about this proving. I had M. Pfeiffer during the 1st year of my medical studies.

Prover 19
Some notes:
I was very ‘busy’ with my father
On the day after I took the 1st dose I had a very heavy sensation in my legs while I was driving the car. I was happy to sit down.
Some days after the remedy: I had a shooting pain in a right lower molar.

SOME COMMENTS during the seminar
The prover who’s molar was broken, mentioned that for her it was new to decide to go to the dentist immediately. The problem was there before, but now she took a decision.
In the afternoon someone left because of toothache. She didn’t take the remedy, but had it with her. Next day she explained that she has toothache while in a high flying airplane. This was the first time she had the same pain being on the ground. She had 2 operations for this problem. Now she had the feeling that this will be better. The toothache began ½ year after the M. Pfeiffer of her son.
During the seminar someone left with post herpetic pain.
This person didn’t join the proving.

More people visiting the seminar recognized pain in abdomen and weakness as symptoms.
Someone who didn’t take the remedy remembered the age of 15: at that time she had M.Pfeiffer and in the beginning it wasn’t recognized.

One of the members of the seminar didn’t take the remedy because he had the feeling; this might be Pfeiffer, I don’t take it.

One prover mentioned that he took the wrong way while driving home. I took the wrong exit of the highway. This never happens to me!

One prover gave the information on a floppy. I put it in my computer but I made a mistake. I can’t find it any more.

One of the family doctors mentioned that M. Pfeiffer most of the time is an unnoticed disease.

Picture: Morbus Pfeiffer- Kissing Disease

Repertory language of the Pfeiffer nosode proving;

Weakness and heaviness of the lower limbs and the eyelids
Tired and sleepy
Being very energetic.
Something with the father: dreams, thoughts, changing, busy, doing.
Self-confidence, not occupied with the surroundings.
No guilty feelings.
Loses his way, going the wrong way or direction
Making mistakes: while driving, with the computer.
Dreams about food stores, unremembered dreams
Endless: having endless time, endless prize, craving for sweets, plague of mice, leakage, being Pope.
Changes in food desires: sweets, pancakes.
Danger: people didn’t take the remedy out of a sense of danger, the traffic, melting ice.
Changes in desires: desire sweets, pancakes, nuts.
Pain in abdomen, rumbling in abdomen, different stools.

Remedies that are mentioned: Bellis Perennis and Arnica

Pfeiffer is an Epstein Barr virus. Viruses are living inside the cells:
I am hanging in a trapeze very high in a block of flats made from glass
The car and the scooter are named as moving objects in stead of the driver.

According to Louise Hay: Pfeiffer has to do with the loss of love or no longer being appreciated, no self-love.

A characteristic case:
from Huib Wijtenberg

A girl of 17 visits the clinic with her father. During the consultation the girl looks permanently to the father as if she needs his permission or recognition.
Eight months earlier she had M. Pfeiffer with a severe tonsillitis and enormous perspiration.
Bloodtest for Pfeiffer +.
Now her complaints are fatigue, vertigo, almost fainting. She can’t go to school by bike and can not follow lessons for a whole day.
First she is getting Nosode Pfeiffer 30K, 200K, MK and 10MK 4 days each.
There are no severe reactions on one of the potencies.
From then she has good and bad days.
Mother tells that she is much easier and less anxious.
Before the remedy she had a nasty breath, which disappears shortly after the remedy.
She wants to go skiing in 4 days and she is very anxious that she couldn’t.

I gave her Phosphor-acidum 200K and one week later I receive a postcard that she reacted very well and is able to ski the whole next week, together with her family.
Two years later she comes back with complaints of hyperventilation and she reacts very well on Phosphor LM6.
She does not need as much appreciation and support from her relatives and friend.

She got Phosphoricum acidum before, because of general weakness, after her best friend left her to go her own way. Friends were/are very important in her life.
I did not see her back till after two years, in ’06.
Now she is very anxious with hyperventilation and fear of death. She is oversensitive to all what happens ‘around’ her. Does not dare to sleep at granny’s place because people have died there before. She used to be afraid of ghosts, now for bomb-attacks in a train. During hyperventilation she can have an out-of-body experience.

Phosphorus LM6 was given, which ameliorates.
Her energy gets much better, no hyperventilation-attacks, no more headaches.
Her mentor stated that she has made quite a big jump in growth.

Huib Wijtenburg Email: Huibwijt@xs4all.nl
Margriet Plouvier Suijs Email: M.Plouvier@hetnet.nl

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