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Terbium Nitricum

de Pavol Tibensky
Terbium nitricum case

Lady X. Y., born in 1968, was treated from 2002 for many problems; headache, backache, fullness in abdomen and white discoloration of nails. She is a very mild person. She is always in a hurry. When we arranged a meeting for consultation, she called me once or twice while she was on the road It could last a few minutes or she could have time delay. She is timid and she has stage fright. She admits only a fear from falling from a height, but she is anxious about the future and nervous when time is set. She is very sensitive to her surroundings. She feels it when people are angry, malicious and many other negative thoughts. Her theorizing is based on her interest in the psyché, deep thinking and health care education.

She has fullness in abdomen, mostly after sweets. She suffers with pain in abdomen and her bladder after coition. After urination she feels amelioration of pain and fullness in abdomen. In September 2004 she had problems with vertigo from changes in weather. She had pulsating left sided headaches. She had a sensation as if her eye was forced out from the eye socket. This pain starts and stops gradually. She had pain in her neck, not affected by slight touch, but better by hard pressure.

She was divorced 2 years before her visit with me. Her former husband was not sensitive to her. When they were visited by her husband's brother from Germany, both men visited a cathouse and she stayed at home. Her father-in-law had harassed her sexually. She suffered in silence. She tried to make contact with another man, but it was worse for her. She felt guilty and was depressed and weepy.

She was employed as a nurse in a gynecologist ambulance. This work bothered her. She is introspective, interested in yoga, meditation, deep thinking, healthy food etc. She likes to be independent. She likes to control everything. She decided to leave her job of nursing during her marriage and she opened a beauty salon.

She is searcher of truth. She said she found it in her new spouse. He is the best thinker in our town. He is spiritually very developed. She is satisfied with him and with her job. She is always in a hurry. She always controls herself. She is very tense. If she is at a party with her friends she very often controlled by the time. If she talks about her new life, she makes it look pretty, makes it more beautiful.

I started treatment with the remedy Argentum nitricum D 200. This remedy covered almost all her problems, we could say she was a "constitutional" Argentum nitricum. We could read materia medica of this remedy and everything matches. She took it four times in two years. In September 2004 her left sided headaches reappeared during the change in weather.

Some rubrics:
MIND - ANXIETY - future, about
MIND - FEAR - falling, of
MIND - SENSITIVE - surroundings
MIND - TIMIDITY - public; about appearing in
HEAD - PAIN - eyes - forced out; as if eyes would be
HEAD - PAIN - increasing - gradually
HEAD - PAIN - increasing - gradually - decreasing - gradually
HEAD - PAIN - Sides - left
ABDOMEN - FULLNESS, sensation of
ABDOMEN - PAIN - coition - after
BLADDER - PAIN - coition, after
GENERALS - PRESSURE - hard pressure - amel.
GENERALS - WEATHER - change of weather - agg.

Follow up:
After Argentum nitricum nothing happens. After complementary Gelsemium there was no effect. This leads me to try a lanthanide from the same stage as Argentum, Terbium nitricum C 200 from Remedia pharmacy and it works. She felt perfect until to April 2005. Repeating of one single dose Terbium nitricum C 200 in April and August 2005. She has no problems.

After the failure of Argentum nitricum and Gelsemium I had no idea for the right remedy. The amelioration from hard pressure and no relief after slight touching lead me to China, but I felt this is not malarial case. The main problem of this patient is the fear of losing control. She is always standing on guard. This is maintaining, it is feature of stage eleven. Deep thinking, need for freedom, autonomy, introversion, spirituality, meditation, sensitivity etc., points to the lanthanides. Tension, enthusiasm, aversion to heavy food are covered by Nitrogen.

Author: Pavol Tiben, Slovak republic

Catégories: Remèdes
Mots clés: headache, backache, hurry, fear of losing control

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