2009 Janvier

Turdula merula in a case of fibromyalgia

de Frank Beijering
M.Z. woman 62 years.

Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia since she was forty.
Complaints: Very tired, myalgia in the beginning in the back lumbar region; later mainly hips and the lateral side of her thighs.
Rising from sitting is dreadful.
Also cramps in the toes every now and then.
A few times a year she has oppression of the chest; very severe.
She was epileptic since 11 years and used Tegretol. Later Carbozepine.
Her epilepsy was explained by a fall from her mother when she was pregnant.

Since 52 years she was put on L-Thyroxine 1dd. 50 mg because of the tiredness.
After this the tiredness diminished a little.

Recently, pain in the basic joint of the thumbs and she feels cramped all over and tense. Busy in the head and a constrictive feeling.
Former periods: Dysmenorrhoea since 11 years old. Lots of cramping pain in the lower abdomen extending to the back.

Family: Her father came home drunk very often. By this she felt very estranged and alienated. Her first husband was also drunk very often.
Now she lives with a man with his two children and two of her own.

Personal: She is always busy with another person. She is afraid to forget another's birthday and sends cards to let then know that she thinks of them. She wants very much to please others; to give joy.
Her new husband is choir master and she loves to sing. She sang in the choir and that is how they met. She also loves to look at birds nests and loves to see blackbirds in their nests.

Because of the singing and preference of birds I can not avoid thinking of a bird remedy, but even more striking is the pain around the hips and lateral side of the thighs which reminds me of the typical functional anatomy of the locomotory system when the bird hops forward. Birds hop forward with those muscles in their ‘hips’ which are an analogue in function to the muscles which humans use to rise out of a chair.
Also the cramp in the toes is a feature that can point to birds, the way they grab branches. (Info passed on by Anton Kramer.)
So she was given Turdula merula 30C, 2 granules once every ten days.
Also I prescribe Biothion, an anti-oxidant supplement together with Ca//Mg/ Zinc supplement.

After two months her tiredness subsided, the stitching pain in the thumb joints minimized and the pain in the thighs also diminished remarkably.
She halved the epileptic medication and the Thyroxine as well.
After 4 months she feels reborn. She stopped the Thyroxine and went on with half the Carbozepine. This with the GP’s consent.
She can climb the stairs and has by far more the philosophy of letting go. (Laissez fair, laissez passer).

Frank Beijering 

Amsterdam NL

email: frank@beijering.demon.nl

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Mots clés: fibromyalgia, turdula merula, Tegretol, Carbozepine, L-Thyroxine, Dysmenorrhoea, Biothion

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