2007 Février

Yttrium metals in pediatry

de Patricia Leroux

Clémentine has frequent attacks of tonsillitis. It is December 2004 and Clémentine is 10. She is a sweet pretty girl with, at first glance, a SEPIA profile. A long, thin face, hair tied tightly at the back, and rather sad-looking.

She has an incredibly pure voice and studies at the music conservatory. She is talented and usually gets solo rather than choral roles. The problem is that she regularly suffers from tonsillitis, which then leads to a loss of her voice. They are so frequent she never gets to perform.

Her mother accompanies her on her first visit. Her father works in Paris and the family is not well off. The child is assisted by social security, indicating that their means are indeed very modest.

She tells me that she longs to sing, but she fears that she is not good enough. “Others are so much better than me” she says. She prefers to sing at home accompanying a musical CD, then to perform in public. She loves to sing and she’s only recently been ‘discovered’, but she’s not at all sure she could do it professionally in front of audiences. Previously she has enjoyed dancing too.

Her throat symptoms are much worse with cold and damp.

She really likes cheese and olives. She detests marrow and courgettes.

Her mother tells me that her father is strict and particularly so with her. “There are plenty of other singers out there as good as you” he told her recently, which didn’t help build confidence in the little girl.

I prescribe YTTRIUM OXYDATUM 1M, since I could not get a hold of YTTRIUM METALLICUM.

Follow up
In May 2005, 4 months later, she returns. She has not had tonsillitis or lost her voice since the remedy. She has gained a lot more confidence in her solo performances then she had when I last saw her.

My initial thoughts for this child were for SEPIA, then CALCAREA and BARYTA CARBONICA. The main points concerned her physical charm, her tonsillitis and the problem of her strict father, who is usually absent.

The theme of child-artist and gifted singer points clearly to the SILVER series. This was reinforced by the fact that she was trying to succeed in her artistic medium.

Stage 3 is indicated because this child was clearly trying to find her way through and was not confident.

Patricia Leroux

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