April 2022
Editorial: interbeing and interhomeopathy
Keywords: editorial
Moving from fear to love: a case of Lac humanum
Keywords: depression. abusive father, unworthiness, inadequate, socially inept, desire milk, aggravation from milk, lack of mothering, overly helpful, lack of boundaries
Breaking the chain of abuse: a case of Capsicum
Keywords: multiple sclerosis, numbness, tingling, burning, left sided symptoms, terror, violence, fight or flight, stuck, trapped, unpredictable, malaria
Untying a knot of cross-generational trauma: a case of Bromium
Keywords: childhood physical and emotional abuse, depression, anger, terror, alcoholism, overeating, irritability, obesity, sleeplessness, feeling abandoned and forsaken, invisible, impulse to steal, fear of knives, criminal behavior, guilt, punishment
A history of abuse: a case of Magnesium bromatum
Keywords: acne rosacea, parents arguing, sexual abuse, guilt, religious
Toughing it out: a case of Millefolium
Keywords: renal cancer, vulnerability, fearlessness, tough, numbing response to pain, need to protect the family
Breaking blockage across generations: a case of Sinapis alba
Keywords: neurodermatitis, bronchial asthma, multiple allergies, sensation of congestion, restriction, blockage
Deep healing: a case of Bombus sylvestris
Keywords: head injury, dizziness, wooziness, light sensitivity, electromagnetic sensitivity, impulsivity, Diabetes type 2,
Healing transgenerational patterns: two cases of Staphysagria
Keywords: depression, blackmail, domestic violence, urinary inflammation, control issues, lack of confidence, autism, hyperactivity
Mending a mother-daughter bond: a case of Cygnus cygnus
Keywords: depression, alcoholism, addiction, grief, abdominal rash, digestive problems, feeling trapped, control issues, victimization, vulnerability, disconnection, obligation to care
Panorama: seminars and books
Keywords: Panorama